Monday, October 28th, 2019
1:55 PM - 2:45 PM: Poster Session
Engagement Strategies for Learners
Session Title
Quality, "High Touch" Blended Learning
Learn from our experiences and walk away with a clear picture of how blended learning with online teachers is successfully meeting the needs of students across an entire state.
Learning Objectives
Create equity and access for students.
Develop a system of accountability and integrity via Standards and PLC processes.
Explore approaches to curriculum and course design to ensure student success.
Intended Participants - Role
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Participants with some experience in the topic, but looking to grow
Kirsten Wilson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Virtual Arkansas
I serve as Director of Curriculum & Instruction for our state virtual school. I've been immersed in blended learning for a little over a year. 19 years of my career was in brick & mortar; experience spanning K-12. I work with an amazing team that writes 94% of our own content and provides rigorous, relevant online courses to over 250 public schools across our state. We are currently implementing standards of QM internally and are moving toward QM certification for courses we design and develop.

Candice McPherson, Course Design Coach, Virtual Arkansas
I have been involved in education for 12 years. I am currently a course design coach for the state virtual school. I manage course design and development projects by assisting teachers with the creation, implementation, and revision of online courses. Our courses are presented in a blended format with content only options as well. We work as a supplemental provider to K-12 public schools around the state to help them meet the needs of learners.

Mrs. Paula McDougald, Lead Teacher and Course Developer, Virtual Arkansas
After beginning my career teaching in a traditional classroom, I have spent the past 10 years teaching a wide variety of mathematics courses to 9th-12th grade students online. My online experience has allowed me the opportunity to work with students around the world as well as my hometown. Most recently, I have found my joy in our state virtual school. I teach in a blended format, supporting dozens of K-12 public schools around Arkansas in meeting the mathematics needs of local students.