Delivering Results for Family Mentoring and Community Building with the Whole Family Approach
Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM: Breakout
The Pascale Sykes Foundation supports the Whole Family Approach (Approach) as the most effective way for families to collectively strengthen their relationships, establish economic stability, and achieve their goals.

An increasing body of research indicates a lack of available support for working, low income families, the population known as Asset Limited Income Constricted Employed (ALICE). These families are working, yet living from paycheck to paycheck. A single circumstance, such as illness or car repair threatens the entire family's stability. Without adequate planning and support, these families fall into crisis. Recovery is difficult.

The Approach is a change from the traditionally individualistic, fragmented, and crisis-oriented approach to improving family wellbeing. It is a family-led strategy which provides adults and children in the family with the tools and social support they need to set goals together, create plans, and to achieve their goals. Using the Approach, the entire family becomes personally involved, solution focused, resilient, and able to overcome challenges.

This presentation will discuss the value and effectiveness of two differing implementation strategies of the Approach. One strategy involves intense family coaching and the other community-based family coaching. Both have delivered strong results for families in rural southern New Jersey. The presentation will also encourage funders and social service practitioners to consider implementing the Whole Family Approach.

Russell Sykes, APHSA Consultant, will introduce panel presenters. Frances Sykes, Pascale Sykes Foundation President, will discuss the rationale and basic tenets of the Whole Family Approach.

Ross Whiting, Walter Rand Institute, Rutgers University, will present significant results from a long-term study comparing outcomes for families who participate in the Approach and those who do not.

Riccina Cabezas of the Family Strengthening Network and Shannon St. Clair of Connecting Families to Communities will each discuss their organization's unique collaboration models as well as describe the step-by-step process they use to support families in developing, achieving, and maintaining their goals.

Jackie Edwards of the Pascale Sykes Foundation will conduct a brief discussion with the panelists about what makes the Whole Family Approach relevant and important. This will be followed by a brief Q&A session with the audience.
Jackie Edwards, Vice President of Strategic Engagement
Pascale Sykes Foundation
Riccina Cabezas, Senior Family Advocate
Family Strengthening Network
Shannon St. Clair, Community Builder
Holly City Development Corporation
Ross Whiting, Director, Research and Evaluation
The Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs