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Future of Insurance Fraud - Part 2 Technology & Finance Challenges
We will explore how technology is rapidly changing how we identify and fight insurance fraud. Learn how we all leave a "digital trail" behind which allows investigators to retrace fully our whereabouts. Artificial intelligence, smart devices and millennials are changing the entirety of insurance as we know it. With the rise of "peer-to-peer" insurance and no human touch on claims, how do we identify and fight insurance fraud? You will find out. We are in an era where decreasing budgets and increasing workloads may be feeding an increase in scams and fraud. What duties do insurers have to properly fund and staff anti-fraud initiatives versus simply passing along the cost of fraud via higher premiums? How can we change society's view to be less accepting and willing to commit insurance fraud? We will use examples to show how American culture has been changed before and wrap-up with a round-table

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