Applying QM to Regulatory Issues
Aligning QM Standards with Higher Education Accreditation Hallmarks: A Juxtaposition for Distance Education Gap Analysis and Action Plan Development
Accreditation hallmarks, QM Standards, and a DE gap analysis resulted in strategic enrollment action plans for institutional improvements. The process of self-study promotes DE growth that fosters student success when QA principles are followed.
Learning Objectives:
Compare Specific QM Review Standards with the Hallmarks of Quality for Distance Education Programs.
Using a case study, critique a regional accreditation distance education gap analysis.
From the case study, outline evidence-based initiatives leading to quality distance education.
Intended Audience - Role:
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience - Knowledge Level:
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Mindi Miller, Professor, Department of Nursing, Bloomsburg University
Mindi Miller is faculty at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, teaching DE nursing courses while serving on the leadership team for the university's self-study process for the reaffirmation of accreditation. QM involvement includes serving as a peer reviewer and a campus QM face-to-face facilitator.

Mary Nicholson, Professor, Department of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University
Dr. Mary Nicholson is a Professor in the Department of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University. Her areas of interest and expertise include online course design, eLearning design, instructional design, digital multimedia, visual design, and scenario based learning. Mary has been teaching instructional technology at the University level for over 30 years and has been teaching online since 2000.