QM and the Education Puzzle
The Division of Labor Should Not Divide Us: Changing Roles in Teaching and Learning with Technology
This session takes a look at the artisanal and factory models of online course design from the perspective of creating the best possible student experience in online courses.
Learning Objectives:
Discuss the impact of the course design concept in higher education.
Define the roles of faculty and instructional designers in view of students' learning experience.
Create a better student learning experience through improved collaboration with your peers.
Intended Audience - Role:
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience - Knowledge Level:
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Diana Zilberman, Associate Dean of Learning Resources, Baltimore City Community College
Diana has over 20 years experience teaching in the face-to-face classroom and over 18 teaching online. As administrator for eLearning, she established, scaled, and ensured the quality of the online program at her institution while also being actively engaged with the activities of MarylandOnline and QM.

Daphne Snowden, Dean of Academic Operations and Services, Baltimore City Community College
Dr. Daphne Renee Snowden currently serves as the Dean of Academic Operations and Services at Baltimore City Community College. She offers strategic leadership in areas related to libraries, eLearning, and tutorial services. Dr. Snowden also serves as an adjunct faculty as she facilitates and offers online and classroom instruction in criminal justice, law enforcement, college orientation, and developmental reading. Dr. Snowden is a QM certified peer reviewer.

Jeremy Harvey, Instructional Technologist, Baltimore City Community College
Jeremy Harvey is the E-Learning Coordinator at Baltimore City Community College. He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania and has worked as the Instructional Technologist at Baltimore City Community College for three years, administrating the LMS, overseeing the integration of teaching and learning software, and assisting faculty with course design and implementation.