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Amy Pawluk, EVP, New Business, Blakely
Amy is a passionate leader with over 20 years of excellence in fundraising & marketing. Amy spent the previous 10 years focusing on Direct Acquisition campaigns across North America, specializing in acquisition through F2F and experiential fundraising.
Ali Jones, National Face to Face Fundraising Manager, Oxfam America
Ali started her career as a Recruitment Manager in the Health & Social Care sector. Switching careers, she found an ad to be an in-house street canvasser for Shelter UK, and the rest is history! Ali is now National F2F Fundraising Manager, building their first in-house canvassing program.
Claire Lamont, Claire Lamont Founder & CEO, Smak
Coming from South Africa, where brands had to actively engage with their audience, Claire saw that crucial component missing when she moved to Canada. Determined to break the mold, Claire co-founded Smak, an agency specializing in creating authentic brand experiences.