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How to Create and Sustain the Best Major Gift Program Ever!
Thursday, July 11th, 2019
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM: Breakout 2
Too many non-profits either don't have a major gift program or they're struggling with the one they have. Worse yet, many non-profits think their major gift program is doing great, but when you actually look at the data, they are losing 40-60% of their revenue due to donor value attrition every year...even though their bottom line numbers say they are growing!

Jeff Schreifels, Senior Partner from Veritus Group and Mei Powers from Miriam's Kitchen in Washington, DC, will give you exactly what you need to be successful.

Veritus Group has been working with national non-profits large and small for over 9 years, creating a structure for the program and helping to manage, coach and train major gift officers to be successful

Mei Powers, as the Director of Development of Miriam's Kitchen in downtown D.C. will be able to tell you from her perspective how she developed a major gift program from scratch to one that continues to grow every year.

Here are some questions you will have answered in this session:

1. Why it's important that you know what your major donor retention and value attrition rates are for donors that give $1,000 cume in any one of the last four years?

2. Do you know what is the single greatest contributor to failing at major gifts?

3. Does your major gift program have a structure to it? Structure? What do you mean structure?

4. What are the 7 things your major gift program MUST have to be successful?

5. Do you know what makes a great Major Gift Officer and why it's the toughest development job there is?

6. What is the number one reason major donors leave an organization and what can you do about it?

7. How do you grow a major gift caseload from a 3:1 ROI to a 10:1 ROI in five years?

8. What are the pitfalls and the vipers you have to watch out for so your major gift program doesn't blow up?

In this session Mei and Jeff will give you all the answers and even better entertain you with great stories that will touch your heart and convict your soul that you have to get this Major Gift thing right.

If you want to take your major gift program to a completely new level that puts your donors first then this is a MUST attend session for you.

From this session you will take away how to:

1. Realize that major gift is actually NOT about the money.
2. How to use data to drive your strategy
3. Build the proper structure for major gifts
4. Successfully manage your major gift team
5. Report on results
6. Grow your major gift program

Are you in?! We are. This will be THE session of the conference to attend. And, it's going to be a ton of fun!
Learning Outcome #1
By attending this session participants will learn:
Understanding of how data will drive the strategy of the major gift fundraiser.
Learning Outcome #2
By attending this session participants will learn:
How to properly set up and manage a major gift program so that it will be successful.
Learning Outcome #3
By attending this session participants will learn:
How to grow a major gift program by understanding your donor's interests and passions and the program and projects the non-profit has that will change the world.
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