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How to acquire high-quality monthly donors at scale - and ensure you keep them!
Thursday, July 11th, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM: Breakout 4
Are you looking to increase your organization's monthly sustainer acquisition volume? Are you worried about how to balance high acquisition targets with a need for quality donors? Have you considered face-to-face and other monthly donor acquisition channels but been concerned about delivering a sufficiently high ROI?

In this presentation, you'll learn about how to design, build and manage a high-volume monthly donor acquisition program while minimizing donor churn.

We will help you evaluate the potential channels through which you can acquire monthly sustainers (DRTV, face-to-face, etc). Specifically, given the prominence of face-to-face as a method of monthly donor acquisition, we will look at how to design a face-to-face acquisition program, deploy it at a pace that works for your organization, and monitor key KPIs to ensure a high lifetime value of your donors.

Drawing on over 15 years in fundraising leadership, Jason Matta will speak about the specific things Plan International Canada has learned had in building one of the largest monthly donor acquisition programs of its kind. Leveraging experience in acquiring hundreds of thousands of monthly donors, Naseem Saloojee will speak about the typical pitfalls nonprofits face in setting up and managing their acquisition programs and the steps that can be taken to ensure they balance donor quality with high acquisition volumes.

By the end of the session, you'll understand best practices in monthly donor acquisition, how to deploy an effective face-to-face program and how to think about the various sub-channels within face to face acquisition. You'll also learn about the up-front steps you can take to steward your donors most effectively and ensure long-term donor retention.
Learning Outcome #1
By attending this session participants will learn:
The strengths and trade-offs of various forms of monthly donor acquisition, including face-to-face, DRTV, direct mail and digital.
Learning Outcome #2
By attending this session participants will learn:
How test a face-to-face fundraising effort, which can be done with a moderate-to-small scale pilot roll out, including KPIs to look at and success factors to manage towards.
Learning Outcome #3
By attending this session participants will learn:
How to set up and manage a monthly donor acquisition program at moderate-to-large scale (>10,000 new donors per years acquired), leveraging a significant face-to-face acquisition effort. This will include key success factors, best practices in managing vendors and the specific elements that can be incorporate into an acquisition process to minimize donor churn.
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