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New Audiences, Amazing Experiences and other High-Growth Game-Changers
Thursday, July 11th, 2019
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM: Breakout 2
In the richest economy in human history, charitable giving is stuck at a stubborn 2% of GDP. In order to pierce through that ceiling, enterprising nonprofits need to expand beyond the predominant low-growth, churn and burn, conventional fundraising strategy. They must grasp the gravity-like law of the S-Curve and plan accordingly. They must compete in the marketplace of ideas through "pre-marketing" content and fully participate in the experience economy.

Brought down to earth a bit, we are on a journey to help our industry to embrace Human Centered Growth Strategies. All nonprofit organizations should identify new audiences to reach, understand how to reach the "Winnables" among them, and then fire their imaginations to create the amazing awakening that attracts them to the cause. Further, nonprofits must become expert product developers and experience designers, so that inspired audiences grow into enthusiastic supporters.

Nonprofits' typical planning and operations don't set organizations up for sustained growth through innovation portfolios. But if we treat innovation as the discipline that it is - a collection of time-proven methods like medicine, art, technology, finance, psychology, education and the rest - then we can reliably employ it with success. We can and should facilitate innovation cycles in our organization. We can and should use human centered design to create and launch growth strategies. We can and should encourage cultures of innovation.

If we do this - if we embrace innovation the discipline - we can attract new audiences, win new supporters and help more beneficiaries. Sustainably and for the long-haul.

This session is an opportunity to participate in this journey, by (1) learning how to develop, execute and maximize Human Centered Growth Strategies, (2) studying the development and performance of current innovations in the marketplace, and (3) contributing your own ideas and experiences in this interactive session.

We can't wait to meet you.
Learning Outcome #1
By attending this session participants will learn:
Human Centered Growth Strategies ::: Participants learn (1) how to set up an Innovation Cycle in their organization, (2) the fundamentals of Human Centered Design, the gold-standard discipline of innovation, and (3) how to create an Innovation Portfolio of growth strategies to push your organization up its next growth curve.
Learning Outcome #2
By attending this session participants will learn:
New Audience Development ::: Participants will walk away knowing (1) how to identify new audiences to attract to their cause, (2) how to gain the Audience Insights needed to understand how to give these new audiences a powerful awakening to the existing need, and (3) how to use Human Centered Design to develop solutions for turning these newly-attracted audiences into long-term supporters. The session will illustrate the strategy with real world examples.
Learning Outcome #3
By attending this session participants will learn:
New Experience Development ::: Participants will learn (1) how to understand the competitive landscape of supporter experiences, (2) use Customer Journey Mapping to identify and quantify opportunities to increase supporter value and revenue generation, (3) employ Human Centered Design to identify and create the exceptional and exclusive experiences that will increase supporter value. The session will include case studies of strategies presently in market.
To enhance the attendee's learning experience, we are looking for a variety of presentation styles. Please indicate your style: An interactive experience