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A Night of American Tantra
Description: The practice of Tantra is as vast and varied as its practitioners. There is Buddhist Tantra, Himalayan Tantra, South Indian Tantra, black tantra, blue tantra, white tantra—what does it all mean? While Tantra actually originated in India, some of its practices have spread everywhere. and have morphed and changed. Here in the US, there are some common practices taken from the tantric traditions that we might call neo-tantra, or American Tantra. While we should be careful not to believe that these reflect  Indian Tantras, some of the principles can be used to enhance intimacy, erotic connection, love and sexuality. This interactive and fun workshop will offer participants the opportunity to explore connection to others and general intimacy through breath work, drumming, body movement, energy practices, and more. This event includes optional, non-sexual touch. Anyone may attend the workshop, and all exercises are optional.