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Dismantling Traditional Teen Pregnancy Prevention Approaches: Moving from a Risks to a Rights-based Approach
Description: While teen pregnancy prevention has traditionally been framed as a solution to a problem, it is important to consider the impact this perspective has on young people, especially when programs do not address trauma or disparities. The messages we choose have the power to support, or impede, the wellbeing of youth. We will consider these alternatives and how prevention programs can integrate with justice frameworks to reduce judgment and shame-based tactics while supporting the health of all young people, including young parents.

Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: Redefine teen pregnancy prevention to shift the “problem” from teens to society; situate teen pregnancy prevention into reproductive and sexuality education justice frameworks; identify risk-based messages and value-laden language related to teen sexual behaviors that reinforce bias, social hierarchies, and shame; choose alternative programs, talking points, and teaching strategies that avoid risk, value judgments, and shaming tactics; identify the role we as educators and social workers play in help young parents thrive