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Sexual Losses and Altered Sexual Self-Schema After Invasive Medical Procedures: Reclaiming Body After Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy
Description: Medical procedures to treat various illnesses may result in loss of body parts, scarring, loss of sensation, hypersensitivity and altered sexual self-schema. Dr. Pillai-Friedman will describe how these sexual losses can devastate one's sense of self as sexual beings. She will use the Pillai-Friedman & Ashline model for grief work to provide a comprehensive model for assessment and treatment of sexual losses and provide techniques for guiding clients in reclaiming and eroticizing their bodies after medical treatments.

Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: define sexual losses and recognize ways in which these losses may impact sexual functioning; illustrate how to assess sexual loss and its impact on sexual functioning; describe specific treatment techniques to treat sexual losses and to eroticize the body using racial acceptance, mindful self-compassion and fantasy work