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Sex Workers as Allies and Teachers: Exploring Why We Need Them in Our Professional Circles, and What We Can Learn From Them About Sex Education, Navigating Oppression and Healing
Description: What can we learn from Sex Workers? In the field of sexuality we've benefited greatly from the activism, expression, and authenticity of sex workers. Historically they have made a profound impact on politics, social structures, and individual expression. We want to bring this important voice back to the forefront, honoring the experiences, teachings and identities of those on the front lines. They hold vital lessons to support client sexual healing, expression and the balance of professional roles and personal pleasure.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: Describe some identities of sex workers. List challenges faced by marginalized populations. Describe ways to treat sex workers with kindness and respect in all healing settings. Describe the interplay of professional obligations and relational needs for sex workers. Identify presumptions about sex workers and assess their validity as teachers and leaders. Recognize new ways of understanding sex worker activism and advocacy.