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Exploring Erotic Potential: Research Findings Regarding Experiences with Sexological Bodywork at a Women's Back to the Body Retreat, and Perceived Impact
Description: Learn about how people who identify as women are exploring their erotic potential. Findings will be presented about experiences of sexological bodywork at a Back to the Body sensuous retreat. Survey and interview data focus on perceptions of impact on body image, genital self-image, sexual assertiveness, sexual self-schema, sexual satisfaction, and sisterhood. You will also have a chance to discuss your thoughts and feelings, including concerns, about possibly sharing information about somatic bodywork with your clients
- Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: describe goals of women who choose to attend this erotic sex education retreat; report what women shared as their experiences of sexological bodywork; identify the impacts that women reported, on: body image, sexual self-image, genital self-image, sexual satisfaction, sexual assertiveness, arousal, and sisterhood; discuss, as sexuality educators, counselors and/or therapists, their thoughts and feelings about possibly recommending somatic bodywork to their clients.