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Sexuality on Standbi: Experiences of Bi-erasure in Other-Gendered Relationships
Description: Invisible sexual minority status increases rates of mental health difficulties and decreases in relationship satisfaction. This workshop will present results from a study conducted on bisexually identified persons who are in other gendered relationships - thereby not openly presenting as a sexual-attraction minority - and the perception, a/effect, and influence of bi-erasure on multiple confounding variables of their life. We will examine ways to address issues of bi-erasure in individual and couples' therapy using feminist and systems theories.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: identify the constructs of bi-erasure and bi-negativity; discuss how bi-erasure impacts a person's personal self-esteem and influences relationship satisfaction; formulate affirmative and effective therapy processes with individuals and those in relationships who identify as bisexual; identify appropriate and insightful research methodology related to investigating non-monosexual identities.