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The Uncanny Body: Coming Into Passionate Relationship with the Sexual Self
Description: This workshop will propose and describe a conceptual framework that draws from the insights of relational psychoanalysis (Mitchell, 2002) and Esther Perel's (2006; 2017) discussion of the "essential paradox" between intimacy and passion: coming into passionate relationship with the embodied sexual self. Through lecture, discussion, and experiential activities, this workshop will provide participants with strategies and tools to eschew pathologizing, overly medicalized visions of sexual function; enliven practice; and engage their clients' imaginative capacities for remapping and Re-Visioning their embodied-sexual-selves-in-transition.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: describe the concept of "coming into passionate relationship with the embodied sexual self"; apply at least one (1) technique or intervention presented in this workshop to one's teaching, counseling, or therapeutic practice.