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Transgender Care and Informed Consent: The Personal is Radical
Description: The Informed Consent treatment philosophy for transgender and gender nonbinary clients steadfastly affirms that that body autonomy is a fundamental human right, but it is far more complex than "hormones/surgery on demand". This workshop provides an examination of client-centered transgender care, placing the Standards of Care and Informed Consent treatment philosophies within the context of LGBTQ+ activism, and features an examination of their practical applications and power dynamics. It also provides a tutorial on letters authorizing hormone and surgical treatments.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: apply Informed Consent philosophies of care to their work with transgender and gender nonbinary individuals; distinguish between the Standards of Care and Informed Consent philosophies of care; construct WPATH-compliant letters authorizing medical interventions for their trans and gender nonbinary clients.