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"Treating" Low Desire by Creating Optimal Erotic Intimacy
Description: Since 2005, we have published a series of studies on the components of optimal sexual experiences, lessons from extraordinary lovers and contributing factors to magnificent sex. Since 2013, we have applied our findings to develop an accessible, cost-effective, group therapy intervention for gay and straight couples distressed about sexual desire/frequency, aiming to improve the quality – rather than the frequency – of erotic intimacy. This presentation will identify how therapists can shift their focus from treating disorders to creating optimal connections.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: identify how research on optimal sexual experiences can be used to promote higher quality of sex; discuss a re-conceptualization of sexual desire “disorders”; describe how couples sex therapy groups can help heterosexual and same-sex couples presenting with low sexual desire/frequency and sexual desire discrepancy; identify sexual attitudes people need to unlearn for Optimal Sexual Experiences.