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Sweet Like Sugar: Interrogating Sugar Baby Culture on Tumblr
Description: There is a long-standing stigma -- to say nothing of legal prohibitions -- associated with commercial sex work. Tumblr is an online platform where persons engage in the sharing of content; on Tumblr there are subcategories of different types of relationships. One subcategory exploring relationships is Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. This study explores themes of advice sharing for potential (and existing) Sugar Babies. This study uses a content analysis to interrogate language discourses regarding advice for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: identify how Tumblr utilizes specifics subcultures to provide advice for young women (and men) who are accessing advice from others as to how to engage in a Sugared Relationship; recognize how language patterns on Tumblr blur the line between "a relationship based on financial exchanges" and established narratives of "sex work."