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Standards for Advertising, Promoting, and Publicizing AASECT Membership: Ethical Dilemmas and Controversies
Description: This workshop focuses on the ethical issues that often accompany questions of how to properly present oneself as a sexuality professional, as well as how to ethically promote one's AASECT membership. There is longstanding confusion regarding the correct manner in which to publicize one's AASECT membership in a way that allows members to celebrate their AASECT affiliation, but does not mislead the public with ambiguous terminology. This workshop will attempt to speak to some of the controversy surrounding these issues.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: apply the suggested guidelines for ethical advertising/promotion/publicizing of AASECT membership status; distinguish between the language that is integrity promoting, as opposed to potentially misleading in the preparation of advertising/promotion/publicizing of AASECT membership status and professional credentials.