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Selling Your Sole: The Acceptability of College Students' Engagement in Camming and Sugar Relationships as Forms of Sex Work
Description: There is a long-standing history of social, medical, legal, and social activist research in relation to sex work. Sex work, as it normatively is construed, often conveys public arenas of commercial sex behavior. Among young adults, there is a cultural fervor of gaining financial revenue by selling their online, live-stream time to consumers interested in viewing feet, eating behavior, and camming. This exploratory study investigates nuances of current ways in which persons sell (parts of) self for others' arousal.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this poster session, participants will be able to: distinguish how a current cohort of young adults defines new(er) versions of sex work or sex-item work and how attitudes about the acceptability of renting one's time is or is not seen as commercial sex work; list and describe new ways that some persons see as both sexually arousing (the knowledge someone is online selling feet poses for money) but not see this behavior as constituting sex work.