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Racial Preferences in Dating? Exploring the Intersections of Race, Sexuality, and Racial Identity Development
Description: In this interactive workshop, audience members will learn some of the best practices for creating a "safe space" learning environment, review the various racial identity development models, and learn about some of the suggested topics to teach groups prior to participating in an activity that critically examines the intersection of race and sexuality. This presentation will conclude with the audience participating in that activity (Racial Preferences in Dating?), followed by a large group discussion and question and answer session.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: recognize methods to create "safe-spaces" when teaching groups about controversial topics such as race/ethnic relations, and sexuality; identify a number of interactive lesson plans aimed at exploring and examining multiple dimensions of privilege, racial identity development, and intimate relationships; list at least 3 possible challenges and/or barriers common when educating students about topics many people find difficult to explore and discuss.