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The Keys to Couple Sexuality with Aging: Female-male Sexual Equity and Good Enough Sex
Description: This conceptual/clinical workshop explores what facilitates and what subverts couple sexuality from 60-85.The psychobiosocial model of assessment and treatment illustrates sexuality and aging as multi-causal and multi-dimensional with awareness of individual, relational, cultural and value differences.We define sexuality as involving sensual, playful, and erotic scenarios in addition to intercourse.A case study will illustrate the clinical process. Couple sexuality with aging illustrates the multiple roles, meanings, and outcomes of sexuality.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: identify psychological, bio-medical, and social/relational factors which promote and which subvert sexuality with aging; critique the traditional double standard and pass-fail sex performance model and replace those with female-male equity and Good Enough Sex.