Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson serves as Coordinator for the Early Childhood Connections, Unified School District #489, Early Childhood Connections, Hays, Kansas.
Her experience has included years in early childhood working with children and families. Terry’s first involvement with early childhood was facilitating the design/ completion of playgrounds and moved into other areas of child development. Throughout her career she continues to work with prenatal through five, knowing the important impact of families.
Her educational background includes a Masters in Liberal Studies with Concentration in ESOL, a Bachelor of Science Degree of Education (K-8) and Endorsement in Early Childhood Education. She participates on the Region VII and National Head Start Association Boards, serving on the local, state, regional and national level. Ms. Wilson believes “working together on different levels allows multiple voices to be heard. This combined with a variety of approaches to advocacy, generates successful outcomes for children and families. Terry has a passion for working with children, families, staff and communities.
Terry has the opportunity to be involved in our country with children, families and communities and is amazed how different but yet how alike they are. Terry believes when working with others, new ideas, changes and progress can come about as we appreciate the past, embrace the present and enjoy planning for the future