Lane Williams, J.D., Disability Rights Center of Kansas, Inc.
Lane Williams has been an attorney in Kansas and Washington state since 1983. He was an attorney at Kansas Legal Services (KLS) in Pittsburg and Topeka for more than 11 years, focusing on private and subsidized housing issues and Social Security Disability claims. In 1993, Mr. Williams, along with two other KLS attorneys, represented public housing clients in successful class action litigation against the Topeka Housing Authority for their failure to comply with federal notice and grievance regulations. He served in private practice in Aberdeen, WA for nine years, then returned to Kansas in 2004 to work as a Disability Rights Attorney at the Disability Rights Center, Inc. (DRC) in Topeka, becoming Legal Director in 2008. During his career at DRC, Mr. Williams has represented and advised numerous clients in private and subsidized housing matters, focusing on the rights of tenants with disabilities under the Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Kansas Act Against Discrimination.