Trey George, Topeka Housing Authority
Trey George is the Executive Director of THA, Inc., the 501(c)(3) non-profit development arm for the Topeka Housing Authority (THA). He has been with THA for seven years. Mr. George is responsible for all of the authority's nonprofit activities, including expanding and redeveloping their public housing properties. He is also the compliance manager for three affordable housing developments, which entails ensuring strict adherence to private, state, and federal agency guidelines. Mr. George has day-to-day property management responsibilities for 40 affordable housing rentals, two apartment complexes, and eight single-family homes. He is the primary liaison with the Pine Ridge Partnership and focuses on maintaining and strengthening this collaboration as well as identifying new and viable options for expansion. Mr. George is actively engaged in seeking additional funds to support the partnership and the overall mission of THA and THA, Inc. to develop, manage, support, and improve affordable housing.