Denes L. Tobie, CPA, Wipfli
As a partner in Wipfli LLP's nonprofit and government practice (NGP),
Denes Tobie oversees audit engagements and consulting
opportunities and works with clients to maintain compliance with laws
and regulations. In addition, she also oversees NGP's training
practice and trains agencies in regulations, best practices, and
governance, including the OMB Uniform Guidance. Denes shares her
expertise at training programs, including Wipfli's Annual Management
Conference for Grant-Funded Programs in Las Vegas. She presents
topics such as preparing for audits, preparing 990s, and financial analysis. She
facilitates discussions in which topics such as accounting policies and procedures, new
fraud standards, and trends within the industry are covered.
Denes enjoys presenting the results of Wipfli's work and helpful recommendations to
the board of directors and management teams who control the destiny of the
organizations she serves. By translating complex financial data and operating trends
into a useful format, she helps clients make good business decisions that shape the
future. Denes offers her extensive knowledge and training expertise with Wipfli's Board
Governance Training DVD.