Topeka Habitat for Humanity
Habitat International was established in 1976 with the goal of providing safe and decent affordable homes for families in need by Millard and Linda Fuller.
In 1984 Fred Stone Craig along with other members of our community had the same dream and established Topeka Habitat for Humanity.
As we have evolved and found better ways of serving our community, rather than providing homes for families, we are working to strengthen our community.
We do this through partnering with other organizations that have an emphasis in low income housing and neighborhoods, by providing construction education to three local high schools and our initial goal of providing affordable homes for families in need who meet our income guidelines.
We continue to build with the same principles we started with when the organization was established, providing hope for families; today we do so on a larger scale, changing our community to ensure the success of the families we serve. We invite you to learn more and become involved with us.