Peter Singh
TDSB IT Services, Executive Officer
A proud father of three kids who firmly believes in the mantra of family first. As a parent who has been actively engaged in his kid’s education as they have gone through GTA schools, colleges and universities, he has a very rich and positive perspective on the strong expectations that parents place on the education of their children. He brings 25+ years of K-12 sector experience to his Information Technology portfolio, Peter has been described as both a practical minded and visionary leader. On the one hand, he has his feet firmly planted on the ground and is pragmatic and realistic in his approach; on the other hand, he also has a clear, exciting and meaningful vision for the future of TDSB IT Services. Besides being an avid reader, he is a very fitness conscious individual who plays volleyball on a weekly basis, enjoys golf over the summer months, and passionately follows the game of cricket around the world.

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