Michael Fowlkes
Cullman City Schools, Technology Coordinator
Michael Fowlkes, District Technology Coordinator, combines energetic leadership with outside-the-box thinking to successfully integrate technologies throughout the District of Cullman City Schools in rural Alabama. Michael’s genuine interest in the educational process, along with his ability to effectively communicate with administrators, teachers and students, has allowed him to build a strong relationship with all stakeholders.

Michael’s career in educational technology began 12 years ago. Since that time he has led two highly performing school districts in the integration of classroom technology. Michael’s role in both school districts has included managing their 1:1 learning initiative. In addition, he seeks to provide exciting and authentic professional development opportunities for staff of all ability levels and works directly with teachers and students in the classroom as they use technology to enhance learning. Michael works closely with district administrators to ensure the needs of the schools are met and that the opportunities for technology integration continue to expand.

Michael brings a wealth of experience to his district. His achievements include an Alabama Chief Technology Officer award and being a Google Level 2 Certified Educator; providing strong evidence that Michael strives to continue building his knowledge and skill level to better serve his district.

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