Tae-Rim Lee
Vice President of Korean Data & Information Science Society, Professor of Dept. Information Statistics, KNOU
Dr. Taerim Lee is Professor of Informatics & Statistics, former Dean of College of Natural Science of KNOU, former director of KNOU Institute of Distance Education and e-Learning center. She was the program organizer and coordinator of the KMOOC 2014, e-ASEM RN1 meeting at Bangkok 2013 December, ASEM e-Learning ICT Colloquy in Sept. 2006 with 27 countries in Seoul and the e-ASEM Network follow-up meeting in 2007. She works 35 years in the fields of Life Long Learning at KNOU and during last 34 years she had developed the computer based teaching instruction starting with 8 bits Apple computer at 1986. She is a biostatistician and former vice president of Korean Statistical Society, the former vice president of International Association of Statistics Education, the former president of Korean Society of Public Health Statistics and the former president of Korean Classification Society, and the representative of Asia Pacific area woman statistician of ISI, and was elected as the 2nd term of Executive Board Director of IBS last year. Her contents of Introductory Statistics were open to the APEC Cyber University for Public Health and ongoing collaboration with UNSIAP (UN Statistical Institute for Asia Pacific) of online education for Asia pacific official statisticians. Last 5 years she join at BITEC(Bioinformatics Training & Education Center) project for medical doctor supported by Ministry of Health & Welfare and eStat Project for K-12 to University student Data Analysis free software supported by Kore National Statistics. She published many books and e-Learning contents of statistics, Statistics and Life, Introductory Statistics, Data Analysis for Life data and Bioinformatics, Data visualization.

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