Amy Belding
Parkway School District, CTE, World Language, Global Studies, & Choice Programs Coordinator
Amy currently serves as the Coordinator of Career & Technical Education, World Languages, and Global Studies for the Parkway School District in St. Louis, MO. As a professional developer, Amy focuses on systemic and sustainable integration of “how do we do school differently” in order to prepare students for a global society and an ever-changing world. Her work encompasses creating authentic solutions to meet the needs of all students with rigorous and relevant learning experiences. In that work, she is exploring choice options for students, experiential learning, virtual course offerings, and global-ready academic programs. Through community partnerships and establishing global competence as an organic and sustained focus, Amy is building culture for this work in Parkway through partnerships with The Asia Society, The Stevens Initiative, The Longview Foundation, K12 Global Forum, and ASCD.

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