Pete Just
MSD of Wayne Township, Chief Technology Officer
Pete Just currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, IN, where he leads a talented and dedicated team of IT professionals. Formerly a biology teacher and athletic trainer, Pete taught high school science and media for thirteen years. He began his trajectory toward technology leadership on an Apple IIe the media specialist let him borrow. Believing that technology held great promise for K-12 education, he pursued and received his graduate degree from Indiana University in Instructional Systems Technology. Pete earned his CETL credential in 2013.

He has dedicated his career to the pursuit of technology initiatives that focus on the core of education - our classrooms. His mission is to seek out valuable technology trends and best educational practices and then enable the systemic changes to make them a reality for staff and students. Pete was involved in the launch of Indiana's first online school in 1999 and additional online and blended programs including the recent launch of Achieve Virtual Education Academy in 2010. With the support of his team, the MSD of Wayne Township has successfully created environments and systems to allow students to have multiple pathways to graduation enabling long term student success. Pete is the Past Chairman of the Indiana Chief Technology Officers Council (the Indiana Chapter of CoSN) and the Chair of the CoSN 2015 Annual Conference. Pete also teaches online graduate classes in educational leadership and technology as an adjunct professor for Indiana University. Dedicated to using technology to enhance learning and opportunity, Pete is passionate about giving all students the chance to fulfill their God-given potential. He is proud of his wife, Melinda, and three children who inspire and encourage him.

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