Mouna Sidi Hida
Microsoft, Principal Program Manager Lead
Mouna Sidi Hida leads Product & Strategy for Microsoft family, a space she is extremely passionate about, being a mom of 2 herself. Her vision is to empower families to learn, explore and connect in a fun and safe environment. She is responsible for a team that focuses on fully researching and understanding the needs of families, how they manifest in technology, and translating those into product features in Xbox, Windows, Outlook & more. By partnering across the company, Mouna is driving a product roadmap to help Families gain peace of mind and achieve more with technology. Prior to this role, Mouna helped deliver various product releases across Windows and Xbox Store, unified Identity & Account experiences, MSN redesign and integration of social and real-time signals, highly innovative and custom branded advertising campaigns for top worldwide brands, and gaming experiences early on in her career.

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