Heidi Backman
SFV, and Director of Education and Culture, Member of the Board of Directors
For over 30 years Heidi Backman has been working on both a national and a local level with education in Finland. Her passion is leadership, innovation and digitalisation.

Heidi Backman is a member of the Board of Directors of SFV, a non-profit organisation promoting education and culture among the Swedish-speaking population of Finland. Mrs. Backman is also since 2013 a Director of Education and Culture in the City of Kauniainen, the possibly happiest city in the world according to NY Times Dec 24th 2018.

Earlier she was Director at the Finnish National Agency of Education. Mrs. Backman has also been on the Board of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, and has been engaged in boards of vocational institutes, colleges and universities. She has been developing models for both evaluation and forecasting in the Finnish education system. Heidi Backman has a Master´s degree in Political Science.

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