Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss
Salisbury Township School District, Superintendent
Randy describes his life’s work as an educational disruption designer. He is passionate about moving the K-12 school system away from the dominant "school" paradigm and conversation to a learner-centered, learner-friendly design responsive to the context of the ever-changing, technology-rich world we live in. The question he’s itching to answer these days: What new leadership competencies does it take to truly transform our schools - to create a new form of education? His curiosity for strategic foresight and Generation Z fuels his quest to answer this big question.

By day, Randy is a public school superintendent in the Salisbury Township School District (PA) where he has worked for the past 13 years. He also teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Education at Moravian College and Delaware Valley University. You can read his blog at and listen to his podcasts at and

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