CoSN works at the federal level to advance education technology policy and its implementation. We are involved in the discussions that impact school systems and districts, and the students they serve. We address key education issues including increased funding and improved administration of the E-Rate program; making the case for investment in education technology, and monitoring privacy legislation. We are also expanding our advocacy efforts at the state level.

We are proud of what we have achieved this past year through our advocacy efforts and advancing our policy agenda. With your support CoSN:

- Helped protect, preserve, and expand E-rate funds ensuring all schools have access to high-quality broadband and Wi-Fi services
- Coordinated a very successful EdTech Policy Summit convening over 100 educators and industry representatives to meet with policymakers in Washington, DC
- Worked to support increased funding for education technology
- Developed new resources for state-level advocacy

In 2018 you helped us raise over $100,000 with your generous donations, and we are hoping to surpass that amount in 2019 in Portland. Now more than ever, CoSN needs your support to educate policymakers about education technology’s impact on teaching and learning. Help CoSN to be a strong policy voice in Washington, DC and state capitals.

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