Alyson Carpenter
Athens City Schools, Professional Learning Specialist
Alyson Carpenter serves as the Professional Learning Specialist for Athens City Schools, an innovative 1:1 school district in North Alabama. In her fourth year in the role, she coordinates professional development at all levels including monthly sessions for instructional leaders and quarterly district-wide professional learning for teachers. Additionally, she provides leadership for the district's seven instructional partners who share school level instructional leadership with principals. She is passionate about quality professional learning for educators and has ten years of experience in instructional coaching roles, having worked in both elementary and secondary settings. She served as a "coach of coaches" across the state of Alabama as the Instructional Partner in Residence at the Alabama Best Practice Center. Mrs. Carpenter, who was a 2nd grade teacher for ten years, is a Google Certified Educator and a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Literacy/Language Arts. She has presented at state and national conferences, including Alabama Learning Forward, Alabama Educational Technology Conference, and others. Mrs. Carpenter is co-founder of two regional EdCamps, EdCamp Madison and EdCamp Florence.

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