Dr. Philip Neufeld
Fresno Unified School District, Executive Director, Information Technology
As the Executive Director of Information Technology at Fresno Unified, Philip plans, organizes, and oversees the operational management of Fresno Unified School District's IT services including data center compute and storage resources, enterprise infrastructure and technology applications, network and telecomm services, and end-user compute and support services. Phil's team includes 40 technical and support personnel providing support to 110 sites, 72,000 students, and over 7,500 FTE as well as managing over 400 servers, 2,500 network switches, 3,800 wireless access points, over 10,000 voice lines, and over 50,000 computers.

Through this work, Philip shapes educational ecosystems to empower effective and equitable 21st century learning experiences. He has a proven record of envisioning, initiating and delivering results. He is an effective leader who works with and for people while leveraging resources to realize organizational outcomes. His experience spans higher education, healthcare, agriculture, and professional services; and his expertise includes project management (PMP), IT service management, systems integration, and enterprise information systems.

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