Sandy Maynard
San Francisco Unified School District, Executive Director, Project Management Office
Sandy's experience in K-12 spans multiple districts across multiple states, where she has worked to put essential technology resources into the hands of staff and students. Sandy has held district leadership roles at school districts in Alaska, Washington and California. In western Washington, she led the advancement of the 1:1 Chromebook take-home initiative for students. She has served on numerous national and state-level educational technology committees and councils, and is currently serving as Secretary for the CETL Governance Committee. She is a CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL), and holds a degree in Management of Technology and numerous certifications in leadership development. She has worked with multiple Chambers of Commerce developing and facilitating emerging leadership programs. Additionally, she served as a national speaker on issues of poverty, promoting the understanding of the effect of poverty on learning for students who live with limited resources.

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