Chief Scott Collins
Aubrey ISD Police Department, Chief of Police
Scott Collins is the Chief of Police and Emergency Manager for Aubrey ISD Police Department, Aubrey, Texas. Chief Collins is a leader in School Police departments (School Based Law Enforcement), best practices for School Safety, and Emergency Management for Schools. Being an active police Chief, he uses technology to further the safety of not only the school but also the staff and the community.
Chief Collins is cross-trained in Police (18 years), Fire (26 Years), and EMS (23 Years), and has been in several roles throughout his career. Collins has served as the police chief for the past five years at AISD PD. During his tenure, Collins has implemented multiple community programs to benefit the schools and community. He has taken a large role to prevent, and mitigate school threats, and upgrade school security. One of the most important roles that chief Collins does is the Emergency Management for the school district. Collins is a Master Peace officer License and has multiple specialized certifications in all public safety disciplines.
Collins is a certified instructor and enjoys teaching school-based law enforcement and emergency management classes to his peers and the community. Chief Collins plans to continue his career as a Chief of Police and Emergency Manager in School Based Law Enforcement and will continue to teach to not only police officers but the community and students, as long as he can.

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