Charlene Blohm
C. Blohm & Associates, President
Since founding CB&A in 1991, Charlene has partnered with organizations of every stripe to deliver bottom-line value. Charlene has earned several accolades individually and on behalf of the agency, and she's a frequent speaker on all-things education PR, marketing and sales. Charlene's know-how in journalism, advertising and promotions established strong networks that she continues to cultivate. Charlene is passionate about creating awareness for resources that enable and empower students, teachers, school leaders and their communities to learn and thrive. Blohm earned the EdTech Digest Trendsetter Award in 2015 for her leadership in the special needs arena along with recognition from the Wisconsin School of Business' Small Business Development Center. She served on the steering committee for Startup Weekend Education Madison and as a mentor during the July 2016 event. In 2018, she was honored with the Wisconsin Governor's Trailblazer Award for Women in Business.

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