Tyler Park
Future of Privacy Forum, Education Policy Fellow
Tyler Park is FPF’s Education Privacy Fellow. Tyler supports all aspects of the policy work surrounding student data and privacy. A central part of his work focuses on emerging state and federal legislation in order to determine new laws’ impact on student privacy. In addition to his legislative portfolio, Tyler works with diverse groups of education stakeholders and vendors to administer FPF’s K-12 Privacy Working Group and the Student Privacy Pledge. While at FPF, Tyler has written and spoken on wide-ranging topics, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, COPPA, FERPA, and company privacy policies.

Prior to joining FPF, he served as a Legal Fellow in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, where he worked on a diverse set of spectrum management and licensing issues.

Tyler graduated from the University of Colorado Law School, where he focused on communications and technology law. Tyler earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Political Science and Spanish.

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