Susan Moore
Meriden Public Schools, Supervisor of Blended Learning
Susan Moore, Supervisor of Blended Learning, supports blended learning models to enhance student-centered practices in the Meriden Public Schools. Susan is instrumental in developing district innovations including: Personalized Learning Experiences, a student-designed credit earning experience in which students explore a talent, interest or career option; I'm Charged!, a teacher recognition program featuring teachers utilizing G-Suite, integrating technology, and showcasing their model classrooms; and Embedded Coaching, a professional learning community of instructional coaches supporting teachers by strengthening technology skills and enhancing learning through improved integration of technology. As a member of CoSN, Susan was the recipient of the CoSN Team Award and is an advisory member of the CoSN Driving K-12 Innovation Committee. Susan's support of G-Suite professional learning for all staff and students lead to the district's recognition as a Google Reference District. She has presented at numerous state and national conferences including CoSN, ISTE, and CT Alliance Convening.

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