School Site Visit*
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM:
Session Fee: $175
Brief Session Description: Portland Public Schools is a district founded in 1851. Today our 81 schools and 49,550 students, make it one of the largest districts in the Pacific Northwest. For a number of years, Portland Public Schools has engaged in innovative and engaging deployments of technology to enhance student learning. We invite you to visit our schools to explore their unique technology achievements.

First, guests will visit Roosevelt High School to visit their award-winning Advanced Computer Science and Engineering class. They are a part of the school district's Career and Technical Education program. We will then tour the successful makerspace that was added as part of a the school's multi-year school modernization program. At Roosevelt, this particularly successful program was able to preserve and update the schools classic architecture and charm while installing state of the art labs. Students have used these spaces to build pinball machines based on Arduino devices and other showcase projects.

The next stop will be at Astor K-8 School to view Portland Public School's TechSmart initiative. TechSmart uses Chromebook devices, technology coaches, and blended learning to teach and promote early literacy. This multi-year plan has included 5 elementary schools per year on a matching grant from the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, and is currently in its 5th year and 4th cohort of schools. Using the lessons from TechSmart, the district aims to roll out the plan to all elementary schools in the system. While at Astor, we will review the 6-8 grades, parent-funded, one-to-one initiative.

Site Visit Schedule:

8:00 am Depart from Hotel - Hilton Portland Downtown - 921 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (an email will be sent to attendees detailing the exact pickup location)

Attendees will pick up a boxed lunch from the CoSN registration counter in the hotel lobby.

8:30 am - Arrive at Roosevelt High School (6941 N Central St, Portland, OR 97203)

Welcome remarks from Principal Dan Malone and Chief Technology Officer Don Wolff [15 min]
Tour, Demo and Description of the CTE Computer Science room and program [30 min]
Tour of Maker Space [30 min]

10:00 - Depart Roosevelt High School

10:15 - Arrive at Astor K-8 (Astor School, 5601 N Yale St, Portland, OR 97203)

Welcome Remarks from Principal Sarah Zabel [10 min]
Overview of the TechSmart Project with Andy Wheeler [10 min]
Visit the TechSmart Classrooms with John Gordon [15 min]
Visit and overview of the 6-8 1:1 Chromebook program [15 min]
11:05 Gather in Library for questions and answers and closing comments [25 min]

11:30 - Board bus for lunch and transfer to Portland International Airport

12:00 - Arrive at PDX to drop off travelers

12:45 - Return to Hilton Downtown Portland

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