Global Symposium on Learning 2030: Preparing Students for the 4th Industrial Revolution*
8:00 AM - 3:45 PM:
Room: Atrium Ballroom (Hilton Portland Downtown)
Format: General Session
Brief Session Description: The 2019 CoSN Global Symposium, will explore the latest efforts by school systems, nonprofit organizations and governments around the world to redefine learning and envision 2030. We believe that success will depend on rethinking education and learning for our digital era.

The Symposium will bring together global thought leaders to explore the role of education in preparing students for the predicted exponential changes.

This interactive Symposium will explore the following essential questions:

1. What is our vision for learning, both formal and informal to prepare students for the coming 4th Industrial Revolution?
2. How will educators enable the changes that are required for success?
3. What are the lessons we can learn from other countries about rethinking curriculum with new standards and pedagogy, partnering with the larger community and leveraging ICT to enable more personalized learning?
4. How will smart machines and AI/smart machines impact learning this new environment? How do we prepare to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges presented?

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