Learning Innovation at the Speed of Now
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM: Breakout
Room: Galleria III (Hilton Portland Downtown)
Format: Concurrent Session - 30 Minutes
Primary Essential Skill: Strategic Planning
Secondary Essential Skill: Information Technology Management
Primary Audience: Ed Tech Leaders
Brief Session Description: What if you could tell the teachers in your institution that they will now spend significantly less time dealing with rosters and grades, and have an easier, more direct way to access learning content without having to forego any options? Well, you can! LTI Advantage takes learning technology to the next level faster and more efficiently while allowing for greater choice in how you build an open standards-based digital learning environment with products that make sense for your teachers and students. Developed via the leadership of 470+ (and growing) IMS members, LTI Advantage is the foundation for an open, flexible, and extensible digital learning ecosystem with modern security features. Learn more about how LTI Advantage enables a higher quality learning experience by removing impediments to using new technology and ensuring better student data privacy through enhanced security protocols.
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

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