The Future of Learning: Thriving in the Emerging Era
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM: AM Workshops
Room: Galleria III (Hilton Portland Downtown)
Format: Pre/Post Conference Half-day Workshop - 3 Hours
Primary Essential Skill: Leadership and Vision
Secondary Essential Skill: Strategic Planning
Primary Audience: School System Administrators
Brief Session Description: The unfolding era, characterized by exponential advances in digital technologies, will require us to redefine our relationships with one another, with our institutions and even with ourselves. In this session, participants will explore drivers of change shaping the future of learning, including: the ways artificial intelligence and algorithms are automating our lives; how people's increasing access to tools and insights are reshaping their brains in intended and unintended ways; and the ways communities are reinventing themselves in the face of deep transitions. Participants will also identify opportunities, challenges and strategies to navigate an increasingly complex environment. Based on KnowledgeWorks' fifth comprehensive forecast about the future of learning, this workshop will support stakeholders in engaging actively with changes on the horizon and considering new frameworks for how we live, work and learn. The choices that we make today will determine whether people will be well positioned to thrive in the future.
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

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