School Safety: A Call to Action
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Breakout
Room: Council Suite (Hilton Portland Downtown)
Format: Concurrent Session - 60 Minutes
Primary Essential Skill: Strategic Planning
Secondary Essential Skill: Stakeholder Focus
Primary Audience: Ed Tech Leaders
Brief Session Description: True North Consulting Group, a leading safety and security consulting firm, will moderate a diverse panel of experts in a Q&A session as we delve into urgent needs that schools face in addressing student safety concerns. Panelists will address the bigger picture of what makes a student feel safe at school, including physical, procedural, organizational, cyber, digital/social media, behavioral, and social-emotional security. Particular emphasis will be placed on working with school leaders, staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders to reduce silos and improve communication. Participants will have the opportunity to hear what others are doing as stakeholders demand improvements in the area of school safety. Session hashtag: #COSN19SchoolSafety
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

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