Transformational Leadership
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakout
Room: Park Suite (Hilton Portland Downtown)
Format: Concurrent Session - 60 Minutes
Primary Essential Skill: Leadership and Vision
Secondary Essential Skill: Strategic Planning
Primary Audience: School System Administrators
Brief Session Description: Transformational Leadership
Change is a given in educational technology across the nation. Although there will always be a handful of holdouts who will try to cling to the status quo, most technology staff members and the clients we serve understand the ever-changing nature of technology and its integration into curriculum in today's educational landscape. But how do we move from mere change to true transformation? How do we help lead our staffs, superiors and other members of our organizations from grudgingly accepting change to enthusiastically embracing the transformation that can occur when all stakeholders are informed, engaged and actively contributing innovative ideas and solutions? This session will look at ways to move from simply managing change in our organizations to leading true transformation.
Skill Level: Beginner

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